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Saturday, 15 Jan 2022 – 7.00 for 7.30

singer songwriter


We welcome Gary back to WKAC. Gary will be playing selected songs from his forthcoming debut album, plus a few choice covers of favourite songs from the 20th century.

Gary says: “My greatest musical influences are the holy trinity of Buddy (Holly), The Beatles, and Bob (Dylan) and the singer/songwriters who followed in their footsteps - Paul Simon and James Taylor in the 60s; Tom Petty and Elvis Costello in the 70s; Roddy Frame, Mike Scott and Neil Finn in the 80s.

Gary got his first acoustic guitar when he was eight. It was too small and the kids in Mr Humpheys’s guitar class all laughed at him. He got his second acoustic guitar when he was nine. It was too big and the kids in Mr Humphreys’s guitar class all laughed at him. He got his third acoustic guitar when he was 19. This time it was just the right size and the kids in his student halls all laughed and clapped and sang along with him.

as Gary says “the moral is, size matters. Also, it’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it that counts.”

Gary plays a right-handed guitar left-handed, so all the chords are upside down. “The downside of this is that it’s really hard to play F Major. The upside is it confuses the hell out of other guitarists.”

Gary’s first band, The Big Car Girls, played support to The Reverb Brothers in a club in Liverpool in ‘84. Jimmy Rae said “you’re so bad, you’re good!” - he sdays that he still dosn’t know if that was a compliment or not, I plans to ask him next time he sees him (perhaps here at WKAC).

Gary wrote his first “proper” song in 1988 on a Tascam Porta 05 4 track tape recorder and to date he has written 250 songs, which works out at roughly an album a year since he started out; “250 is 47 songs more than The Beatles Complete guitar/vocal edition, and I’m still way younger than Paul McCartney.”

Gary’s debut album will be out in the spring of 2022. The working title is “When I Get Around To It”. With 250 songs to choose from he thinks it might be a double album “now I know how George Harrison felt on leaving the Beatles”.

I for one am looking forward to it, Tony Woof

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